No Frost ventilated cooling guarantees homogeneous temperatures which enable you to store your food better and freeze it more efficiently. The FrostGuard technology makes automatic defrosting a lot more convenient. Your refrigerator will only defrost when it is necessary on the basis of precise measurements (e.g. on the basis of the number of freezer door openings, compressor running time etc.). FrostGuard also prevents frozen food from partly defrosting during the defrost cycle by performing extra chilling as low as -30ºC (pre-chill) just before defrosting and by keeping the complete defrost cycle very short. This considerably reduces the risk of freezer burn. This technology means that food can be stored longer and better, and you no longer need to defrost manually.


In order to keep your food fresh for as long as possible, these technologies ensure a uniform and precise temperature in each of the refrigerator’s compartments. This is achieved by fitting sensitive electronic sensors, an air tunnel across various levels and fans linked to the most advanced electronics. This considerably improves the quality and storage life of your food. The electronic controls enable you to independently monitor the refrigerator and freezer temperatures, as a result of which the temperature differences are smaller and your food will remain fresher and can be stored for longer. When you close the door of your refrigerator or freezer, it will only take a few minutes to return to the programmed temperatures (3°C and -18°C). The high freezing speed ensures that your food is frozen to the core: a 1.5 kg chicken, for example, will be frozen through in under two hours, and the taste and structure will not change after defrosting.


Improved features such as the electronic sensors and FrostGuard mean that iomabe refrigerators have a much better energy consumption. They save a great deal of energy compared to appliances from earlier generations. Thanks to this technology these American refrigerators perform exceptionally well in their energy class without affecting the quality of chilling, storage and freezing. The entire iomabe collection is in the energy-efficient A+ class.


The iomabe Global side-by-side refrigerators offer a number of high quality basic functions. The De Luxe and Exclusive series offer additional functions and options