Mabe is a Mexican company which has been manufacturing domestic appliances for over 70 years . The company had 19,000 employees in 2017, having grown to be one of Mexico’s biggest employers. Mabe is the market leader in domestic appliances in Latin America and North America. It is now one of the largest manufacturers of large domestic appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and cookers which can be found in stores from Argentina to Canada. The factory in Mexico is located in a region which is enjoying rapid economic growth and where many high-tech manufacturers are based. A large number of USA companies have established their high-tech production in this region. In 1987 Mabe signed a strategic alliance with General Electric Appliances (GE Appliances) to work together on the development and production of major domestic appliances.

The two companies opened a factory together in Celaya in Mexico in 2000. Since then virtually all ‘No Frost’ refrigerators – such as side-byside, bottom freezers and top freezers – for the US, European and the Middle East markets have been manufactured in Mexico.

iomabe was established in 2007 in order to bring together design and functionality in the most important room in the house: the kitchen. The kitchen is more than just a place to cook. It’s the place in the home where the best parties happen, where the best conversations take place and where the finest memories are cooked up. It’s a place where aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand in harmony.

with a refrigerator from iomabe you are choosing for

For its designs, which can be adapted to any space and maintains the same look across all products.

For its balance between design and functionality.

For its ease of use and timeless design


American Appliances B.V. specialises in high quality products within the niche segment of the white goods and kitchen market. American Appliances B.V. has been the parts distributor for GE Appliances the Benelux since mid-2011, and has been the distributor for mabe and iomabe for the Benelux and Germany since the end of 2013. Alongside the basic range, the majority of appliances are customised by cladding the appliances with Inox (stainless steel), mirrors, glass and lacquered finishes. This bespoke finish is applied in our Dutch facility. American Appliances provides service, parts and guarantee for both mabe and iomabe products. The streamlined organisation focuses on service, quality and the good provision of information for both consumers and retailers.

The appliances in this catalogue have a 5 year guarantee on the parts of the hermetically sealed cooling circuit. There is a 2 year guarantee on repairs (parts, labour and call-out costs) attributable to defects in the product. For Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany the guarantee is provided by American Appliances B.V. For the full guarantee terms please see our website www.am-ap.eu.


The ‘American’ side-by-side refrigerators from iomabe are available in 65
models. There will always be one to match your requirements and tastes.

But which one is it?
This catalogue takes you through the process of tailor-making your sideby-
side refrigerator step by step.

Choose The first question is: do you want a freestanding or built-in side-by-side?
Customize The second question is: In what colour/finish do you want your refrigerator to be?
Cool The third question is: Which version best matches your requirements?